She house is a physical space and a mental concept.

We map it with our body, sensory signals, sensations, and sensuality. We get to know it with our senses, which tell us about the walls and spaces, openings and views, lights and shadows, angles and hidden corners in height and depth.

Here we create our story and narrative about who we are or what we want to be.


She House is located in Gornji Humac, in the center of the island of Brač.

On the northern side of a small street, partially embedded in the slope, revealing neither its depth nor height, it is situated in a prominent position, facing south and the sun.

It is simple, within four walls at the intersection of the four cardinal directions aligned with the constellation.


The Story of the House.

The house was built almost a hundred years ago by Mila and Petar, and their descendant renovated it while keeping the rich history and heritage of the house in focus.

He used the skills of local craftsmen and preserved as much as he could from the old house – the stone walls, wooden beams, old furniture, and even the old fireplaces.